ELEVÄLI AS has won various public procurements over time, with an average frequency of 2.3 times a year and the first one was won 3 years ago, in 2016. The company has participated in public procurement 7 times in total.

Eleväli AS is a private equity based electrical company.
Our main activity is electrical and automation work.
We have been a permanent partner for many industrial and construction companies since 1992.

The Eleväli team started in 1991 and we have been continuously developing without grants and loans to this day. We started with two and the first job was installing telephone exchanges and designing electrical automation projects.
Today, we are designing and installing, for example, industrial automation controller from automation installation and electrical installation from lighting to substation.

Permanent partners are primarily the wood and metal industries in the immediate area.
However, we have also found foreign companies with whom we have worked in Belarus, Finland and Sweden.

We have avoided participating in public procurement bids where the best is the cheapest. At the same time, we work together
construction of general electrical installations (supermarkets, offices, apartment buildings) with reliable contractors. Separate areas include operation management, maintenance, measurement laboratory and low-current work.

We have experienced that the best recognition or non-recognition for a company comes from the work it does.



  • Planning
  • Construction
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Electrotechnical control measurements
  • Electrical quality log measurements
  • Luminous intensity measurements


  • Design and installation of automation systems
  • Programming and installation of frequency converters
  • Manufacture of automation shields
  • Design of Profinet, ProfiBus and ASiBus networks


  • Design and construction of communication networks
  • Automatic fire alarm design and construction
  • Security Alarm system design and construction

Solar panels

  • Design and construction of solar power plants
  • SolarEdge GmbH inverter sales and factory warranty service
  • Solar panel sales and factory authorized warranty service

Our partners are Solarstone with solar panels, inverters are supplied by SolarEdge GmbH and installation equipment comes from Schletter GmbH. Thanks to our partners, all our components have a warranty of at least 10 years.

Our partners